Strategic Business Growth & Development

via ICT Innovations in Software & Hardware

Risam Dataland Limited is an ICT innovative company whose focus is to boost the growth of businesses around the world. As an ICT company, we use the most secured and recent technology to build business solutions. We build both software and hardware solutions. We also build software and hardware for non business use.

However, our major focus is to simplify your business daily routines and improve the way businesses are managed. We do not just build applications but we build your business. Our products / services can be grouped into the followings:

Software Solutions

We have developed and are still developing various software solutions to help businesses grow and at the same time ease the daily routines of individuals. We have solutions for web, mobile phones and desktop applications. All businesses are covered.

Web Design

Hardware Solution

We have also built hardware solutions based on the Adruino project (The Internet of things). We have built a lot of hardware gadgets that can automate and simplify your business. For further information visit our product page.