About Us

Who we are and what we do



Risam Dataland Limited is a hi-tech innovative company whose major aim is to solve individual, societal and business problems by producing software and hardware products that makes things easy.

We use modern technique in software engineering for the web, mobile or desktops. We also build Smart hardware that can perform task and make things easy for everyone.

What we do?

  • Identify a business, individual or societal problems
  • Search for existing solutions
  • Look for things the existing solutions do not offer the end-users
  • Produce a practical solution that will solve the problems we have identified which can either be a software, hardware or both
  • Test the solution and remove all bugs, ensuring that it is easier for our clients to use
  • Release the solution
  • We can also build a custom solution for specific clients on request.

Because individual, societal and business problems varies, we are not restricted to any specific product but are in the business of proffering solutions to every problem. However, we use one method to solve all problems. We use mordern and most secured technology in software and hardware (specifically using embedded systems like Adruino, Raspberry pii, etc) technology to solve problems.

Our Team

Engr. Dyke Iloghalu
CEO (Programmer since 1999)

Roseline Chinedu
Sales / Marketing

Engr. Gilbert
Quality Control(Electronic since 1980)

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